C. Cimmone

I took the pillows all off, dismantled the couch
and cleaned it with disinfectant
I made sure nothing was left in the sink:
no spoons, sponges or pieces of leftover meat.
I made the bed and draped his side longer,
straightened the fitted sheet on the pesky mattress corner.
The children’s rooms are tidy, for now, and I will reevaluate
in one hour to check for unraveling.
The garage is tidy, the back patio, too.
I’ve reset the thermostat and slipped on a sweatshirt;
And I tore through the webs on both chandeliers.
Bleach is for the shower mold, toilet rings, too, and that space behind the faucet.
More disinfectant for the rim of the trashcan and the refrigerator shelves
Now what to do about this body of his that
He left thrown on the floor, vomiting and screaming
About this dirty house.

C. Cimmone is an author, editor and comic from Texas. She is alive and well on Twitter at @diefunnier.