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Submissions are currently CLOSED, except for our Order of Chaos contest. For our Order of Chaos contest, please click here for instructions and here to submit.

We are looking for original, unpublished poems.


Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please let us know immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

For your submission, please email the following to

  • A cover letter, including your name, contact, + short bio if you wish (please include in the body of your email)
  • Up to four poems as a PDF or word file (PDF preferred).


Each issue of Wine Cellar Press shall have 24 – 32 poems, granting equal space to structured and free-form poetry.

Our vision

Wine Cellar Press is excited by re-examining, re-imagining, deconstructing, and re-constructing traditional forms to best fit our modern discourse. Wine Cellar Press is interested in contrasting formal verse with free-form poetry. Wine Cellar Press champions narrative poetry that has a clear vision. Wine Cellar Press upholds the beauty in the unbalanced and unperfect. Wine Cellar Press will release vintages when they’re ready. 

Response Time

Wine Cellar Press endeavors to respond to all submissions within two weeks. Please feel free to query after a month.

Expedited Response

Wine Cellar Press now offers Expedited Response (decision within three days) through our support page: BuyMeACoffee. Expedited responses cost $3.  

Please email over proof of purchase in your submission email.

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Wine Cellar Press does not place restrictions on literary content within reason. We firmly believe that a poet should use any and all necessary words to convey the subject at hand. Wine Cellar Press will not discriminate on the basis of political leanings within reason. The Vintner-In-Chief is a registered Democrat. Wine Cellar Press will publish poetry that takes a political stance different from that of the Vinter-In-Chief within reason. What is within reason?

  • Use of graphic, erotic, or otherwise intense language to convey an honest and necessary message.
  • Speaking truth to power.
  • Speaking your truth.
  • Showing your failures, your growth, your humanity.
  • Using poetry as a tool to heal.

Wine Cellar Press will not tolerate any poetry that deals in hatred, discrimination, or cruelty. What is not within reason? 

  • Use of any language to threaten or harm an individual, group, or faith.
  • Hate speech.
  • Punching down.
  • Any speech used to dismiss, subjugate, or invalidate an individual, group, or faith.
  • Anything not covered by the First Amendment.

Please, be considerate. Wine Cellar Press is open and welcome to all who extend grace and humanity.