Kit Isherwood


his mouth was like warm champagne    held me

by his tongue and wouldn’t release me

until I had released into him


the salted-sweetness he so craved    concealed


behind some bushes    the moon’s night a curtain

to the sensitive act of swirling and stroking


my palm resting on the back

of his head    no direction needed    merely

an acknowledgement that he was still there


that it wasn’t some kind of dream

so real you wake up and wonder

what had led you there    down into the overgrowth

where the tress echo the lipbitten moans


where the body empties itself of the life it had retained


Kit Isherwood (he/him) is a twenty-six year old queer poet from Birmingham. He is a teacher by trade and a poet by nature. His poetry has been published by Verve in their Diversity anthology, Untitled: Voices, Re-Side, and on The Poetry Society. Most recently, his poetry has been featured by Ligeia, Queerlings, Fahmidan, Tealight Press, Dreich, Selcouth Station Press, Spelt and Acid Bath Publishing; with a poem forthcoming with Muswell Press. He is currently working on his first poetry pamphlet.