Thomas Dunne

in the style of Robert Frost

The doctors say it’s time to go;
The tumor’s spread confirms it so.
Prepare yourself but pack no things,
what lies beyond you soon will know.

O! Astral spirit gird your wings,
though to this earth my body clings,
no matter how I love this place,
no matter what the new field brings.

I’ll sow my seeds and trees apace,
before they lay my bones to waste,
though not to see them bud and bloom,
but though my stay be somehow traced.

I contemplate my carnal tomb,
and timeless rest in heaven’s womb;
The ebb and flow of hope and doom.
The ebb and flow of hope and doom.


Thomas Dunne was born at Black River Falls, raised in Pewaukee and is now retired in Koshkonong – all in Wisconsin. He spends time writing prose and poetry, walking the country roads and writing (mostly country) songs. His work has appeared in The Milwaukee Journal, Creative Wisconsin Magazine, Mountain Pilot magazine, Liguorian Magazine, Blue Collar Review, and Arts For All, Wisconsin. His other poetry (i.e., songs) can be found here: