Debbie Robson


Pearl grey, smoke brown clouds dance all night
and I lie watching mesmerised by the sight –
a tango about the moon as clouds reveal then hide
the white rays on the mountain side
and the ocean now dark, now light.

The world revolves. Brown smoke drifting
from fires of autumn leaves, heat lifting
burning near the sea. A bright haze it weaves
pearl grey, smoke brown.

As I am one thing and then another – sad
sometimes. The world revolves and I am glad
to be alive to watch the clouds dance
Should we all just accept this chance,
this new life or mourn the life we had?
Pearl grey, smoke brown.


Debbie Robson loves to write fiction set in the first sixty years of the last century. She is currently enjoying writing about a disgraced angel who drives a cab in Sydney. She has had stories published in Cabinet of Heed, Storgy, Words and Whispers and others and poetry in Mystic Blue Review, Dodging the Rain, Sunspot Lit Mag, Blood Tree Literature and Dwelling Literary. She has read her poetry in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Newcastle.