Edison Jennings

The Greeks wore them 
to amplify drama,
like Oedipus learning
he wacked his papa
and not long after
married his mama,
this double shot of
damning data
condemning him as
persona non grata. 

I have named this form the do-si-do-si  (like the square-dance step). A do-si-do-si consists of a 10 line stanza of di or tri meter, the last syllable of each line being unaccented (falling meter, like a limerick), rhyming  a b c b d b  e b  f b.  Latitude in rhyme (near rhyme or close thyme) is acceptable

Edison Jennings is a Head Start school bus driver and school aide in southern Appalachian region of Virginia. His poetry has appeared in a variety of journals and anthologies. Broadstone Books will publish his first full length collection, Intentional Fallacies, later this year.