Chris L. Butler

I guess the question is
Where do we go from here?
Some want to strike back at the Empire
Others wanna burn it all down
There is one important thing to remember
A dead man never gets a trial
Everything that person ever loved
Has been wiped away, like chalkboard script.
So no matter the amount of vengeance
Nothing can ever replace a lost life
The only thing we can do is live out their legacy
Live it out in a way that makes the world a better place
A dead man never gets a trial
So we must defend his innocence
This is the ‘new normal’
We are here to rebuild the Nation
As we pull together like shoe strings
into one fine knot
double it down for assurance
Molding our new reality
with a clay made of unity
Division has ruled us to the point of cruelty
We all have value, let’s glisten like jewelry
It is time for us to come together
As we open a treasure chest filled with
a variety of cultures, diamonds in the rough
We must lock arms as one people
The moment we once again can have human touch

Chris L. Butler is an Afro-Dutch poet, essayist, and historian from Philadelphia, PA based in Houston, TX. His work has been featured in Perhappened, Trampset Magazine, Lucky Jefferson, Versification, and NewPages.