Peter Lilly


Here is your goodnight. Polite, hopeful
And nothing before the sheer grey face
Of sleepless nights, immeasurable,
Unscalable like the marriage of business
And compassion. Our bodies shed themselves
Every seven years, our human race
Is always decomposing and your
Eutopia will always be found
In the jester’s empty eye sockets.
There are more things in the dark of those holes
Than can be dreamt of in your insomnia,
Than can be found at the piercing end
Of your sword of oaths and dark omens,
Than can be won when time has come to act.


Peter Lilly is a British Poet who grew up in Gloucester before spending eight years in London studying theology and working with the homeless. He now lives in the South of France with his wife and son, where he concentrates on writing, teaching English, and community building. His recent and forth coming publications include Green Ink Poetry, Macrina, The Minison Project, BeZine, Dreich Broad, Paddler, and the 2022 Anthology “Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan.”