e.r. de siqueira 

there he goes, the boy with the floral shirt,
sauntering in his tropical pace down
the Portuguese pavements, down the pied cobblestones

as if stepping on gravels, rubbing his feet
like a wading avocet, he promenades
among the locals, treads along the sand

& fishes a cigarette from the tote-bag
lighting the cig as he jolts into the visitors.
He drags & wants to make a cloud outta his mouth

as if only to show he’s a divine creature
able to mouth those tanning men: the sunbathers
& their tiny speedos, all colourful and hanging at the beach.

They touch their screens & seem to recognise me in a silly tag:
oi oi *skinny-bttm-sluttwink*, aye, u wiv the dancing tree tat on

e.r. de siqueira is a latino poet originally from Brazil. He read English at UFMG, and is currently pursuing an MA in English Literature. Poetry works have appeared/are forthcoming in the anthology Mein schwules auge – My Gay Eye – Berlin Edition, Magma, Harana poetry, Hawai’i Review, Tenebrae: a Journal of Poetics, SPAM zine, and others.