Mackenzie Moore

I think I miss watching CSPAN
walking barefoot
and stealing GOP yard signs
from the houses of kids
who wouldn’t tell me
to my face they thought
I had a shit attitude

I think I miss the man
with his mandolin on Broome Street
how I could cover 15 blocks
in 8 minutes — Docs on, always—
how 5th floor walkups
and 3 metrocards
and 2 sets of keys
gave me purpose
as an amoeba
of a city letting me stay

I’ve got the goggles on
for the zip codes
where I’ve worn grooves
that I can trace like zen gardens

But when you say goodbye
to all that
you also sign off on
being an amoeba
ready to mold to crevasses
so small they just might
swallow you whole.

Mackenzie is a writer and illustrator based in Los Angeles who

currently writes for television and podcasting. Her chapbooks are
forthcoming with Variant Lit and Kelsay Books — she has essays upcoming in Herstry and X-RAY. She believes bagels heal most wounds.

Twitter: @mxkmoore

Original Artwork by Mackenzie Moore