Lucinda Kempe


In every faucet there is a river. In every river is a current. In every current there is
drag. In every drag there is a queen. In every queen there is certainty. In every certainty
there is ambivalence. In every ambivalence there is hurt. In every hurt there is a father
who did something wrong. In every father who did something wrong there is
schizophrenia. In every schizophrenia there is hope. In every hope there is integration.
In every integration there is a rebel. In every rebel there is story. In every story there
are babies waiting to be born.


Lucinda Kempe’s work has been published or is forthcoming in newSouth, Midway Journal, New World Writing, Matter Press, Bending Genres, The Southampton Review, and the Summerset Review. Wigleaf long listed her micro fiction in 2018, 2019 and 2020. One of Those Girls, an excerpt of her memoir The Dirty Debutantes’ Daughter, was short listed for the Fish Memoir Prize. She lives on Long Island where she exorcises with words.