Phoenix DeSimone


How do you do it?
she asked me.

Do what?

Stay so happy when the world is crumbling
around you?

I took out my pack of smokes
and a few quarters hit the ground.
She reached out her bic,
flicked it.

A bus rolled by and splashed
some water on the sidewalk.
I removed the cig from my lips.
The bus took off,
Its engine roaring.

You live a little
and then you die.
The rest is
just noise baby,
it’s just noise.


Phoenix DeSimone works as an auto mechanic, personally knows a few celebrities, has listened to every Nickelback album, and has trouble figuring out the appropriate way to fold his jeans. Some of those things may not be true, but it would be nice to believe it, no? He is a city boy living in the south, Virginia to be exact. His work has been published in a few places, including The Daily Drunk, Horror Sleaze Trash, and CC&D magazine.