Pascale Potvin


crushing pink chiffon, risen as a red oxygen
your angel mouth’s wings
Luciferian crashing
curved cymbalic crashing; bed-framed art of missing kissing;
the insides of our mouths missing
in action, laying down our smiles

and your smile it raises feelings like a hell christening, like an awakening


Palaces is Editor-in-Chief of Wrongdoing Magazine and an Editor at a few other publications, including CHEAP POP and Walled Women Magazine. She’s also Staff Contributor for The Aurora Journal and The Jupiter Review and has placed further work in Eclectica Magazine, Maudlin House, BlazeVOX, Witch Craft Magazine, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, and many others. She has a BAH from Queen’s University, and she is currently sending queries about her book series. You can read more about her at or @pascalepalaces on Twitter.