Patrick Nevins


The show’s either at the VFW or the old Laser Tag.
Avail from Richmond, Virginia, and local bands Big Wheel and Endpoint.
Here’s a fresh Sharpie if you feel like X-ing up before we head out.

Let’s hit Taco Bell first; three tacos plus tax are a buck eighty-eight.
Ask for a cup for water; fill it with Sprite and no one’s the wiser.
I’d get Cinnamon Twists, but I need the money for a seven inch.

The Sublett sisters are on the edge of the pit; punkest girls in school.
Wade Prather just stagedived—watch you don’t take a Doc Marten to the face.
Stomach’s turning like a circle pit of adrenaline and hot sauce.


Patrick Nevins is the author of The Commission of Inquiry: Stories (forthcoming from Cornerstone Press). His writing appears in HAD, Vitni Review, and other journals.