Damian Rucci

I can’t believe

what you told me tonight

that we came out here

to clean up and see the sun

for once, but its two am

naked on a three-day bender


sniffing speed off of Crowley books

as if railing powdered magic can save us

as if we were born for this

as if the sins of our fathers

painted yellow brick roads to addiction


there’s always someone on our front porch

either our junkie neighbor or a savior

you know I’m only letting one of them in

Jesus can wait, the devil isn’t known to be patient


the monsters get you in your dreams

and that’s why I never go to sleep

stay up with me baby, one more night

Jesus will be there in the morning


the outside will be there in the morning

the world can wait for us, don’t worry

my horoscopes are highways

to oblivion so save the Hallmark cards for

a soul worth saving


can you give me a minute,

someone’s knocking on the door

Damian Rucci is the author of five chapbooks of poetry and the unofficial poet laureate of every 711 in New Jersey. His work has recently appeared on gas station bathroom walls across the Midwest. He is the founder of the Poetry in the Port reading series and has his high school band’s name tattooed on his forearm. He can be reached at damian.rucci@gmail.com or on Twitter at @damianrucci