Ella Corder


It does feel good until it
does not. You take a hairdryer
to a frog until it’s pruned.
You take forks to a yard
until it’s plastic. A body
the size of Kansas and you
still don’t find the right place
to touch it. Vented tents
of breasts and you
make them feel like


ELLA CORDER, twenty one, hereafter THE CLIENT or MY CLIENT, writes poetry and short stories in the way that a rakish mammal tries to mate in order to ensure his immortality. The client works in a factory before dawn, in Lexington, KY–bills, you know–much as one Alex from Flashdance might have worked and then come home to watch her stunt double dance in her studio apartment. Anyways my client has a whole bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Western Kentucky University, which didn’t turn out to mean much of anything.