Vasundhara Dudeja

I was reading the paper
on the first of our sites
as a human civilisation
some called it Harappan
and some the Valley of Indus

Nobody can yet understand the stories they narrated or the songs they wrote
Their calligraphy is beyond our capacity
to reach the sun and the moon

But what we know is
that women lived
in beautiful bronze figurines and scattered sculptures

What we know is
what they ate
that meat which is forbidden now in our lands

What we also know is
that we found buried bones of men and women Together
one above and one below

That the bones of women had lesions
While the bones of men stayed above

and intact

In a language that we could not yet read of the first humans of our lands
We now know that
our sisters bled


Vasundhara is a writer based out of Gurgaon, India. Her words have been published in The Hindu, Indians4SocialChange, Feministaa Media and The Anthology of Indian Poetry Society. She’s passionate about women’s issues, collecting books, stories and sipping tea on rainy days. You can reach her at